Thursday, September 27, 2012

5 States, 5 Days!

Last week, Brandy and I set out on a road trip across the southern states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia to shop and hunt down some great one-of-a-kind pieces to bring to you! All of the amazing pieces we found will soon be for sale on our website,

 So here's a look into our crazy trip and some of the fabulous finds....

First stop was Vicksburg, MS

There was a really cute old downtown area.

Gorgeous architecture!

Shopping in the flea market stores....

We bought two of these very cool vintage lamps made from dried Arizona Cholla cactus. 

A little barn door inspiration from the side of an old building downtown.

Next up was Jackson, MS! This is where I unfortunately left my hanging up garment bag in the hotel! And I am the kind of person that packs all hanging up clothes so that pretty much left me with jammies and that's it.

At least we had this amazing dessert at the Walker Drive-In restaurant in Jackson, sooooo good!

We didn't find too many things in Jackson but it was fun going to this old salvage yard. If only we had a couple trucks to take stuff home!

On to Birmingham, AL....

Downtown Birmingham, AL. We ate lunch down here at Cafe Dupont, I highly recommend it and make sure and get the buttermilk friend chicken breast. 

I loved this place! On a Shoestring antiques. 

An old boxcar for sale items. Any one else ever read the Boxcar Children books growing up?

Hanna's Antiques in Downtown Birmingham. A HUGE place full of stuff!

Found this snazzy shelving unit that I really wanted, but....

why is everything I like not for sale, boo.

Found this awesome vintage fireman's toolkit tarp from Urban Suburban in Birmingham. This is going to look great on the wall in boy's room. 

Had to take a break in Birmingham and grab a latte. The Red Cat coffee shop downtown is worth a visit!

Homemade peach muffin = amazing! Creepy cat in my coffee = weird. 

Onward to Atlanta, GA....
First thing we went to Atlanta Market to check it out and order some new stuff for the website. And it was about this time that I got my clothes fed-exed to me so I finally got to wear some clean clothes!

These were my fav! Huge acrylic panels with black and white books printed on them. Don't worry, we ordered some so they can be yours too!

I like this huge piece of art but not unique enough for me to buy. 

I liked this John Robshaw-esque bedding from Allem Studios. Annnd a much better price point. 

We also found some great lamps, pillows and even some fun Christmas decor. Then it was time to get our hands dirty and hit those flea market shops in Atlanta.

Kudzu's Antiques in Atlanta, this store was awesome. 

It was huge and full of a ton of great stuff. We were just upset that we didn't bring a truck!

I likes these shelves that someone had built to display their dishes. 

It did start to become overwhelming. After a few days of junking, everything starts to look the same. 

After that we headed to Highland Row Antiques

At first I thought, oh this was a waste of time, this shop is tiny and way overpriced, but then...

the shop owner says there's more downstairs. Hmm sketchy looking...

but noooo, it was a huge basement flea market!

 It was never-ending!

I really liked this football giant, mainly because he looks like Eric ;)

And finally for our last night there, we went out to dinner at The Spence. 

This is Richard Blais' (Top Chef) restaurant. As much as I was really excited to eat here and how much I LOVED the decor and concept of the restaurant, I really didn't like the food that much. Mostly it's myself to blame because I don't have that risky of a palette so anything with "bone marrow" or "pork belly" in the description is not for me. It was hard to find anything to order that I even knew what it meant, and I am not cooking illiterate. 

However, the rolls with coconut butter were divine!

So that's our trip. We bought a lot more stuff that I didn't mention so once we get it all cleaned up and photographed it will be ready to purchase on our website, that is, once the website is launched! You are definitely going to drool over some of this stuff! 

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Here's a list of all the antique stores in case you're headed that way:

Vicksburg, MS - River Chicks Consignment, Adolph Rose Antiques

Jackson, MS - Old House Depot, High Street Antique Mall, Antique Shop of Jackson

Birmingham, AL - Elizabeth's Antiques, Hanna's Antiques, 5th Ave. Antiques, Urban Suburban Antiques, On A Shoestring Antiques, Hoover Antique Gallery, Vintage Interiors

Atlanta, GA - City Issue, Authentique Home, Kudzu Antiques, Highland Row Antiques

I might've missed a few. It's hard to remember them all!!!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's coming.....

Check out our first Twine video!! 

We are so excited about Twine being so close to launching. 

Here's a little video to get the word out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012's Twine Time!

This week we have been filming our first Twine video!! It's a really cool STOP motion video by the amazing Vanessa McKellar of Vanessa McKellar Productions. We will be finishing up shooting tomorrow but for now, here's a sneak peek at some behind the scenes photos.

Most of the day was spent on the ground. Hullo Pig!

Shout out to April Box at Interface for the awesome carpet tiles!

balancing act

We are so excited to see the finished product, and you should be to because it's going to be really cool. Keep checking back for the big reveal! 



We've been working really hard, but I wanted to take a little break to show you some of our fun lately.

I headed to Dallas to meet up with a friend...

First stop was the Dry Bar for a blow out and mimosas!

Second stop was some shopping at Grange Hall. I had never been here before but I thought it was really cool. A little pricey but definitely unique.

Brandy and I braved the heat and headed to Canton. 

We found some cool vintage specimen posters to frame as art. 

Annndd, I came home with this flying paper mache cow. Definitely one-of-a-kind!

Elle wasn't sure about Pig (the name Brandy and I gave him because everyone kept saying oh wow, look at that flying pig)

We hit up an estate sale in Hollytree and I found these incredible vintage snake skin boots. A little pricey at $145 so I decided to come back when everything goes on sale and it just wasn't meant to be. Gone to be worn on someone else's fashionable feet. 

We had some new neighbors move in so I baked some Hostess knock off cupcakes!

Eric and I had a date night in Tyler with Don Juan's and a movie at the Liberty. Had no idea it was a silent film until well into the movie, darn it. Oh well, we had fun sitting in the balcony by ourselves and eating M&M's. It's surprisingly refreshing to watch a silent film and not have to pay 100% attention to the movie. 

We spent Saturday morning at Bergfield park to shoot pics of dogs for Homeward Bound during Tyler's Petapalooza. Who knew we would come home with this little guy! (Well, I did actually, it was just Eric who had no idea what the real mission was)

Annnd finally, we celebrated Brandy's birthday!!! She requested Red Velvet Cake so I made it happen!

That's what's been going on lately in between the working madness of launching a new business, building a website and just plain being us. 

~ Jessica