Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We've been working really hard, but I wanted to take a little break to show you some of our fun lately.

I headed to Dallas to meet up with a friend...

First stop was the Dry Bar for a blow out and mimosas!

Second stop was some shopping at Grange Hall. I had never been here before but I thought it was really cool. A little pricey but definitely unique.

Brandy and I braved the heat and headed to Canton. 

We found some cool vintage specimen posters to frame as art. 

Annndd, I came home with this flying paper mache cow. Definitely one-of-a-kind!

Elle wasn't sure about Pig (the name Brandy and I gave him because everyone kept saying oh wow, look at that flying pig)

We hit up an estate sale in Hollytree and I found these incredible vintage snake skin boots. A little pricey at $145 so I decided to come back when everything goes on sale and it just wasn't meant to be. Gone to be worn on someone else's fashionable feet. 

We had some new neighbors move in so I baked some Hostess knock off cupcakes!

Eric and I had a date night in Tyler with Don Juan's and a movie at the Liberty. Had no idea it was a silent film until well into the movie, darn it. Oh well, we had fun sitting in the balcony by ourselves and eating M&M's. It's surprisingly refreshing to watch a silent film and not have to pay 100% attention to the movie. 

We spent Saturday morning at Bergfield park to shoot pics of dogs for Homeward Bound during Tyler's Petapalooza. Who knew we would come home with this little guy! (Well, I did actually, it was just Eric who had no idea what the real mission was)

Annnd finally, we celebrated Brandy's birthday!!! She requested Red Velvet Cake so I made it happen!

That's what's been going on lately in between the working madness of launching a new business, building a website and just plain being us. 

~ Jessica

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