Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mixing Patterns

Mixing Patterns, girls bedroom, pink, blue, pastels, pretty, design

Mixing patterns is really trendy right now.  Not only in fashion but in interiors too!  It's not easy to mix patterns and there really aren't rules or rather the rules can be broken, but here is the general idea.
rules pattern mix, fabrics

Here's some good examples of how to mix patterns....

Let's start with fashion
shoes, fashion, mixing patterns, floral pants
Love these shoes!
This works because animal prints are considered a neutral.

Fashion, pattern mixing, floral skirt, stripe top
Stripes and Florals are a classic way to mix patterns.  Medium + Small 

Pattern mixing, stripe skirt, floral jacket
J Crew

Stripes & Geometric.  Medium + Small

fashion, florals

Medium (Shirt) + Small (Sweater) + Textural (The Skirt) 

Usually with fashion you need to pair patterns with a solid because it may overpower YOU!  But in a room, you can layer more without overpowering the space. 

mixing patterns,interiors, red door, wallpaper
Miles Redd Kid's Bedroom
Large (Art)+ Medium (wallpaper ceiling & wall) + Small (Dresser) + Textural (Door) 

mixing patterns, interiors, design, eclectic

Large (Ottoman)+ Medium (Drapery & Sofa) + Small (Pillows) + Textural (Rug & wicker chair) 

Patterns can be tied together by style like the above, suzani & stylized florals or by color, which this room does as well.

Bedroom, fabrics, interior, eclectic, exotic
Designed by Kathryn Ireland 
Large (Art & bedspread)+ Medium (pink pillow) + Small (Long pillow) + Textural (Rug) 
Kathryn Ireland is a master at mixing fabrics, as well as designing them. 

Design, Mixing fabrics, patterns, rustic design
Living room by Kathryn Ireland
 Large (Rug, Left Chair)+ Medium (Ottomans, Throw on Sofa, Pillows) + Small (Drapery) + Textural (Right Chair) 

Large (Drapery, Stripe Pillow)+ Medium (Ottomans, Rug) + Small (geometric pillows on swivel chairs) + Textural (Sofa & skirt table) 

Stairs, entry, simple design, window pattern

Large (Lights, Pictures on wall) + Medium (Wallpaper, Door) + Small (Stairs) + Textural (Windows) 

Mixing patterns, modern design

 Large (Art, Sofa, Geometric pillow, Striped bedspread) + Medium (rug, pear pillow) 

Mixing patterns, modern, design

Large (Mirror & Wallpaper) + Medium (Bench, Chevron Pillow) + Textural (Blue Boxes) 

casual living, french design, pattern mix
Designed by Daniel Sachs

Large (Art) + Medium (Rug, Ottoman, Red Pillows) + Small (chairs, floral pillows) + Textural (long red pillow) These patterns work well together because they are the same french style.

rustic, traditional design, mixing patterns, blue
Diamond & Baratta Designs
 Large (Rug, quilt chair, wallpaper)+ Medium (Curio Cabinet, sofa, and plaid chair ) + Small (fireplace) + Textural (Wing chair) 
Diamond & Baratta are known for their over the top designs, turning up the volume on traditional!

living room, eclectic design, bright, fun, modern

 Large (Chaise, ER signs, wallpaper, drapery, art) + Medium (Chairs) + Small (window pillow, display case items) + Textural (Rug) 

There are pieces you can buy that already have a pattern mix, so all the work is done for you.

eclectic rug, blue, woven
West Elm Cadiz Rug
mix tile design, patterns
Mutina - Azulej Tile (comes in other colors)
Pattern mixing, fun, rug
Flor Carpet Tiles (comes in other colors)
Pink, floral, beautiful chair, feminine
Horchow Haute House Chair
Patchwork design sofa, fun, colorful, furniture
Etsy Name Design Studio - Color Patch Sofa
Happy Mixing! ~Brandy


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