Friday, August 10, 2012


Well, we just couldn't keep quiet any longer! Our website isn't quite ready to be launched so until then, we've set up this temporary blogspot to tell you all about the fabulous things that are happening.

Brandy and I headed to Dallas on Wednesday to attend the launch party for Rue magazine's Texas edition. Even though I drove in from the Piney Woods of Tyler, I couldn't help but feel the ahhh feeling that fresh breath of city air gives me .

(Completely figuratively of course as the pollution level was Orange: Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups)

Our first stop was to the Duralee showroom to check out the new John Robshaw fabrics and do a little shopping for some pieces of cool furniture we are going to be recovering. Stay tuned for that excitement. 

After visiting Duralee and Kravet (they won't have the new Jonathan Adler fabrics until December), it was time to get gussied up and head out to the launch party of the Texas edition of Rue Magazine!

The Wisteria retail location was a beautiful backdrop for the party. We couldn't help shopping around while mingling. 

Loved this vignette!

Anyone in the market for a huge, wooden elephant? Only $14,000.

Everyone at the event was so fashionable and it was so much fun mingling. We met Bradley Agather of luella & june who was just named the Fashion Editor for the Dallas Morning News. She was wearing a fabulous Thakoon Addition Silk Caftan Tunic that she so graciously relinquished her source for, The Out Net

We also met Albertina of Mimosa Lane. She was so sweet and featured me and my adorable chevron clutch on her blog. Love the clutch? You can have one too!  

And it was so great to chat with the stylists Brandon Frien and Arlene Matthews of kit this. They were the creative eyes who styled the fashion segment in the magazine. 

It was a great night of shopping, mingling and trend-spotting

And of course, we couldn't leave Dallas without having pancakes at Lucky's!

The best pancakes in Dallas!

After eating a while, I looked down to see that my pancake had turned into PacMan.

Next stop was some morning shopping at the Architectural Savage Warehouse

It was our first time to check it out and it was packed with all kinds of stuff from doors and windows to columns and fireplace mantels.

Will enormous old sign letters ever not be cool?

And lastly, no trip to Dallas would be complete without a trip to Northpark to visit my favorite store, Anthropologie!

Loved this sign, you have to crafty when taking pics at Anthro because it's definitely not allowed!

All in all it was fabulous trip! I always have a little pang in my heart when I leave the city but it's nice to come home. I'll be heading to Austin next week for Austin Fashion Week so stay tuned!


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  1. So nice to meet you both! Let me know once your website is up and running!