Monday, June 24, 2013

Gruene, Texas

Establish in the 1840's by a German Family
I usually visit Gruene, Texas once a year while visiting family in the Hill Country of Texas.  I love this little quaint town with a long history.  I grew up spending my summers at my family's vacation home on the Guadalupe River.  I hiked, explored, shot off firecrackers, tubed and watched tubers all summer!  I watched my uncle and cousins play pool at Gruene Hall.  Gruene hall has never closed even during the depression and when all the other family's businesses went under.  The floors are worn and full of life with metal patches scattered here and there.  More on the history of Gruene

The Stage at Gruene Hall

There is a cute wine tasting porch with barrel tables and misters (it's hot in Texas)

This is an Antique Store now but was the Mercantile Building built in 1904

 I always find some great trinkets every time I go!  I bought these old photos of buildings.  I thought I would start a collection.

This has always been a favorite
The General Store has fudge, candy, t-shirts, Texas sauces and jellies, toys and an old fashioned ice cream counter.  
I usually load up on jalapeno jelly

The Gristmill
 We always stop for lunch or dinner at the The Gristmill or the The Gruene Mansion Inn.  A margarita and a view of the river is a great way to rest from the heat.

Buck Pottery
 We go to Buck Pottery every year and I usually can't resist buying something. My sister-in-law loves it and adds to her collection every year!

This little bowl is my latest purchase!
The bowl is fired with a marble so it melts and then when the glass starts to cool it cracks.  It's pretty and it's the new resting place of my coffee spoon.

This little town is full of life and worth a day visit! ~Brandy


  1. I love that general store

  2. Gruene is such a lovely town and one of my favorite places to go in Texas!!

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