Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm Back

Well, I am alive and well and back home. It was an exhausting and trying trip. Where have I been you might ask....a tiresome work trip? an exercise boot camp? No..... I survived Disney World!

My parents took the whole family to Disney World for a week, that includes myself and husband Eric, my sister and her family of 4, and my brother and his family of 5. All kids under the age of 6. Having all those youngsters would be enough to make you go crazy but add in a stomach virus that slowly knocked them down one by one and you have mayhem.

Thankfully Eric and I were able to get away on our own some otherwise I probably wouldn't have made it out alive. Despite all the challenges, it was a fun trip. The one thing I couldn't stop thinking about while I was there is the amazing attention to detail at the parks. Everything was intentional and all the design was consistent throughout. Even the stair railing at our resort had little Mickey silhouettes cut out of the posts.

Not only was the design amazing, the place was immaculate. I don't think I saw one piece of trash or spilled ice cream on the pavement the entire week. Which got the business brain in me thinking.... how much does it cost to maintain all the parks and resorts per day? So I googled it and found out it cost almost $3 MILLION dollars a day to run all the resorts and parks. Ok, so if it cost that much to run, how much money are they pulling in? Well, last year in the last quarter their revenue was 10.8 BILLION dollars with a net income of 1.4 BILLION dollars. You can check out their financial reports here, if you're interested in these things like I am.

Now, it's time for me to take a vacation from my vacation!

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