Friday, May 3, 2013

The Fan Dilemma

Living in Texas, it's almost impossible to not have a fan in your bedroom. I usually can't even sleep if the fan is not going. But here's the thing, if your bedroom doesn't have other ceiling lights, you are stuck with the hideous fan with light kit.

Companies are definitely trying to make them more modern and attractive. 
But to me, it's always going to be an eyesore, kind of like putting lipstick on a pig. I'm sure we would all love to have beautiful chandeliers and pendants over our bed instead. 

via House Beautiful

via Southern Living

via Southern Living

Via Southern Living

So what's the answer? How to we address the fan problem? There are a few different options:

1. If you don't ever use the fan, just get rid of it and install a beautiful light fixture instead. 

2. If you use the fan occasionally, consider getting a small plug in fan that you can keep in your closet and just pull it out when you really need it. Then you can install a light fixture instead. 

Like this Hunter fan from Target:

3. If you use a fan a lot, consider installing a wall mount fan instead of the ceiling mount with light kit. 

Matthews Fan Company Melody Fan

via Lonny

You don't even notice the fan in the corner because it blends in with the wall color. 

4. If you have to use an overhead fan and don't want to make any of the previous changes, you could simply leave a regular fan above and light the room with lamps. This is a tough one because my last house was like this and I really hated walking around and turning all the lamps on just to have some light in the room. 

5. Another option is to have some can lights installed in the room and leave the simple fan. Remember, you want the fan to disappear in the room, not stand out. Pick a fan that is simple in design and a color that will blend in with the surroundings. 

6. One option that I personally would not recommend but I have seen it in the blog world is trying to dress up your light kit with a shade or chandelier.

I'm normally a huge fan of Young House Love, but this shade does not make that fan look any better. 

Another attempt by Thrifty Decor Chick. Sorry, this just isn't working. 

Am I the only one that thinks this is not a good idea. Also, what are all those shells going to do when the fan is on?

7. Ok, that last option is you have no option. You have to have a fan with light kit in your space. Well, here are some that I think aren't too much of an eye sore. 

This one is pretty simple and that's why I like it. There's nothing hanging down in the middle to draw attention and the blades and hardware are almost the same finish so it all looks seamless. 

This one would be cute in a cottage type space that has some industrial touches. The cage is interesting without being too much of a distraction. Again, a simple light with no baubles or prisms hanging down. 

This is a great option. Very simple, the blades are a good shape, not too propeller like and not too rounded. Simple light, all one finish. 

So what's your opinion on the whole fan dilemma?


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