Friday, May 10, 2013

Repurposing an Open Dining Room

Recently, a friend of mine asked me how to plan furniture for an dining area that is open to her living room.  She isn't going to use it as a formal dining, which is typical to have only 1 dining and it's usually next to the kitchen (what used to be called the breakfast room).  So what do you do with this awkward space.  It's usually a small room open on 2 sides adjacent to the living room.  

Twine Interiors
My friend's Dining Room

View from entry - Dining on the right and Living on the left
I see so many houses where this is set up as a dining room but it is rarely used.  Why waste space on a room you only may use 3 times a year?  My advice to my friend and you is to use this space as an office, library, game room, music room, sitting room or a combination of these.

Here's some ideas...


A simple desk, chair and picture can fill the space nicely
Office and seating mixed
Great office idea that looks good enough to be in your living room

a floating desk


white, design
Build-in shelves and add seating
shelves and lounge chairs are a great look

library table

The perfect reading area
Love how light and airy this feels
You don't have to have a lot of books or built-in shelves to call it a library.


Love this small game table (add a bar too!)

You can take advantage of the chandelier that is wired in the room for your game table.

Love the leaning art!

Large art can help fill the space too!
 Music Room

Re-purposed Formal Living Room
This is a formal living room we designed to be the music room for our clients boys.

Love the hanging guitars
All you need is a piano!

Instruments and add some seating
 This is a bit too sparse for me, I would have added a rug but you get the point!

 Sitting Room

4 Chairs and a table or ottoman (notice the piano)

Love this !!!

Make sure you use a small settee or chairs so this area doesn't compete with the living room
A cozy chair, lamp, art and table is all need

I would avoid a playroom, craft room or any room that will get junked up.  You want your living room to be comfortable and presentable to guests without too much effort.  ~Brandy

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