Monday, May 20, 2013

Simple Living

Twine Interiors

We live in a time of consumption, brand, status, etc.  We want more and more that we really can't afford.  There are many people who live beyond their means.  You don't have to spend a fortune on your home. It can still be beautiful even if it's not stuffed to the brim.  It can be very freeing and calming to living minimally.  It's not everyone's taste but it maybe worth considering.

Here's some ideas of how to live simply...

soothing bedroom
 Sometimes having the absence of art or things makes a space beautiful.

twine interiors
Few accessories and the large field of color in the art makes this space simple

twine interiors
The neutral color palette and few accessories & furniture makes this space simple

twine interiors
Light walls & small furniture makes this room simple

twine interiors
The lack of art on all the walls helps to bring focus to the Fireplace

twine interiors
Again neutral color palette and a few textural items makes this space simple
 So you can see that not filling every space, wall and shelf, you can still have a warm, comfy home.  Minimal doesn't have to just be modern.

Below is a great example of a beautiful room that can be edited to be more simple.  Just taking things out of your space, things you have had a long time, bored with or cheap can give you a new fresh look.  You can sell those items and re-invest in your home or put in the bank!

twine Interiors
BEFORE -Timothy Whealon's Living Room via House Beautiful

twine interiors
AFTER editing

What was changed?
These are the items that were removed...
1 - Lamp
2 - Centerpiece (it gives focus to the art and chandelier)
3 - wall sconce
4 - Art
5 - Move this table in front of banquette
6 - Ottoman
7 - Chair
8 - Flower arrangement (removing this gives focus to the other arrangement)
9 - 2 stools

So let's say you sold these items - you can bank $1,200+  and still have a beautiful room!

What are your thoughts?  Do you like the edited room better? ~Brandy

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