Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spontaneous Designing

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Being spontaneous is a good thing.  It means you don't take things so seriously and you go with the flow.  Or you could be like me, being spontaneous is only under the influence of too many margaritas or being an emotional basket case (once a month).  I have made many not-so-good decisions in this state.  It's that feeling you get when you are in desperate need of a change, any change and you focus on something like...oh let's just say.... it's time for a new hair style.  BANGS!  Yes, what a great idea!  Who needs a hair stylist, I can do it myself!  Snip...Viola!

Then come the tears, sobbing...what have I done?!?!  Yes, this has happened way too many times in my life.  You'd think I would have learned the first time but that crazed state I am in is so powerful that all reason goes out the window.  So, it's the same as "let's paint the living room purple"... tomorrow.  I just have to say Noooooo....Don't do it.

Here's some advice to stop or rather curb, the spontaneous desires to redecorate (or cut your hair):

It's Friday night and you are exhausted from work, you think to yourself as you watch the movie "Father of the Bride" for the 90th time, I sure would love a yellow living room like that.  Let's paint the living room yellow.

Father of the Bride Living Room- soft yellow
You get up early, head to Starbucks, then to the paint store.  That yellow looks good, I'll take a gallon.  At this point you have no idea how many gallons you need, there has been no measuring, no thought nor research.  You get home, move the furniture and start painting.   Lunch time and then the second coat.  All done by dinner!  You breathe deep and bask in the fruits of your labor.  Sunday morning you wake up and realize you painted your living room Spongebob yellow.

While this isn't really permanent, it can be painted over, however, who has time to do that (again) and now you have to live with the Spongebob yellow until the next spontaneous desire to paint happens or until you actually plan it.  It's like waiting for your bangs to grow out.

Step 1 -Once the thought comes into your head to do something permanent or semi-permanent to your home or your body- question that thought.  Do I really want a yellow living room?  Do I really want a change?  Maybe count the days of the month.  Have I been watching too much HGTV? Have I been on pinterest too much? Then sleep on it.  If you still want to do it in the morning then start planning (DO NOT START DOING).  In the hair scenario: Put down the scissors, instead make a hair appointment, research what styles will look good on you, ask friends for advice.  This will give you plenty of time to avoid a hasty decision or to be committed.  The same goes for painting or buying a large piece of furniture.  Plan, research and get advice before doing.

Take this weekend of spontaneity and desire to change and use it to your advantage.
•Measure your room so you know the amount of paint you will need
•Go to the paint store and get some paint swatches

•Google those colors you picked up- many times people will name the paint color in the photos so you can really see what the color will look like.  Try Houzz and Pinterest for ideas.
•Email your friend or ask your family what they think
•Go back to the paint store for small samples or quarts
•Paint 2'x2' section on the wall (remember now you are committed unless you want a square painted on your walls)

•Sleep on it
•Sunday- go shopping and buy the supplies so that next weekend you start painting

Step 2 - Let's say this is your only weekend and you really, really want a change and Step 1 isn't working for you.  Do something less permanent....
•Go buy some pillows, accessories, art (less expensive items that can be returned or lived with for a while)
•Rearrange the furniture you have
•Rethink how you are using the rooms in your house- maybe you want the dining room you never use to be the library
•Paint a canvas instead- make your own art.
Paint Sample Art
•buy flowers and do your own arrangement

Try a terrarium!  Planter by Score + Solder
•Bake or try a new recipe- make sure you have a plan to give what you bake away or you might eat it yourself

Sweetapolita Swirl Cake
Sweetapolita has great baking recipes and how-to's

Step 3 - Sometimes these moments of spontaneity are really meant to avoid something you don't want to deal with.  The very thing we don't want to do is the very thing we should do.  Are you avoiding something?  Maybe you should have that conversation with someone, clean your house, pull weeds, or exercise instead of avoiding it.

I'm trying to save you from making a huge mistake like this.

~ Brandy

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