Monday, April 8, 2013

Project: Little Herb Garden

How to

I am sick of paying for fresh herbs at the grocery store, (which I love to cook with) so I decided I would pot some herbs that I can cut off as needed in my kitchen window.  I have been wanting to do this project for a long time but I just hadn't made time for it.  So now is the time!  

First, I have to have the right pot.  This is very important to me and has been the deterrent for why I have been putting this off.  I want a modern, simple planter and I want them to be the centerpiece of my large picture window in my kitchen.

herb garden
My Kitchen Windows Before

I did some research and these were some of the contenders in my quest for the right planter.

herb garden pots
Modern Triangle Ceramic Planters, Etsy, Persimmon Street $24 ea
I really loved these but just a bit too modern for what I wanted.

pots, herbs
Black and White Ceramic Planter, Etsy, Ross Lab $26 ea
These were beautiful but just a bit out of my price range.

Pots, herbs
West Elm, Chalkboard Planters $6-$18 ea
 My original thought was to have white but I liked the idea of being able to label them.

pot, animal, fun
West Elm Ceramic Hedgehog $12
 I came across this little guy and fell in love!  He will have to be project #2.

pot, herb
Garden Ridge White Ceramic Planter $5.99 ea

So this is the winner I found at my local Garden Ridge Store.  They were a great price and the base is attached which means they will always look perfect.  They are 5" wide at the top.

twine interiors, pots, outdoor design
Herbs at Lowes

I bought 5 herbs at Lowes; cilantro (a staple in Texas), parsley, rosemary (my fav), German thyme, and basil.  They come in a degradable container so you just take the green plastic off and put in the planter.  I didn't need any extra soil because they were a perfect fit.

Twine Interiors, pots, garden
After planting

I decided I didn't need markers because it's obvious to me which herbs they are.

 It looks a lot better now.  I wanted it to be simple, a bit modern and not interfere with the view.  I spent just under $50 for 5.  Money well spent!


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