Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hallway Design Ideas

twine interiors
Great place to display kid's art, the mirror is a great focal point and the horizontal stripes in the rug make the space not seem as long
Hallways are sometimes put on the bottom of the list to decorate.  I know it's on the bottom of my list.  They are a means to an end and not usually a place where you spend time but that doesn't mean you should neglect your hallway.  Make your hallway an uplifting space instead of a bore.  

There are 3 things to consider when designing your hallway besides walls and floors;
1 - Lighting - You need enough light so that it doesn't feel dark and scary.  Add wall sconces, they really add character to a space.

2 - Art - This is the perfect space for a gallery!  It can be family photos, paintings, kid's art, storage, mirrors, etc.  And adding 3-Dimension objects will create a dynamic space instead of just a hall.

3 -  Focal Point - You need a focal point at the end of the hall, something to catch your eye!

Here's some great ideas to dress up your hall...

twine interiors
Bright fun wallpaper and Sconces
 Notice the mirror and console are the focal point of this room.

art gallery, hall, decor
Love the surf board hanging from the ceiling
 This is a great example of all 3 - lighting, art and focal point.

twine interiors
Sculptures displayed on pedestals

twine interiors
So glamorous!
 The mirrors really make this space seem large.

decor hall, ideas
The mirrors help expand the hall's width

frames red
Love the red frames!

Simple art display

Make your storage more like art

This is a fabulous focal point

decor, casual design
Add book shelves to your hall

modern, hangers
Love the hangers!

creative ideas
A collage of hooks makes a great display

bright color
Fun wall designs

Paint your doors a color instead!

Below is my back hall to my garage.  My family is the only ones that use this hall.  It's depressing to walk through.  So, it's time to make this ugly, boring space beautiful!  Here's my plan...

Before Hallway

Stay tuned for the after....



  1. All these designs are really very nice but I loved the 3rd one because it has different colors combination and we make the same hall in our new home. All my family members like it and use this hall because it is a TV lounge that’s way we sit together in that hall and share our daily problems with each other.