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How to Design using an odd chair

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We have all had an odd chair in our lives at some point.  You know the one that was past down by your great grandmother, aunt or mother-in-law or you picked it up at a flea market because something about it spoke to you. Maybe it has history or a story, maybe you just liked the person who gave it to you.  While it may not quite fit your current decor, it's doesn't necessary have to be collecting dust because you can't bare to get rid of it.  Why not incorporate into your home?  Here's some ideas for putting that odd chair to use....

1 - Use the chair as it is.  An odd or old chair is one of the Keys in How to Achieve a Timeless Design
modern, design, clean, fresh, art, old odd chairs
Michael Leva's Apartment
odd chairs, antique chairs in design, eclectic interior
Alex Papachristidis' Library
- Sometimes the chairs are fragile or are difficult to sit it.  So use your chair as a way to display art or books just as you would a table.
Chair with books, modern, elegant design
Nina Freudenberger's Sitting Room

chair display, traditional interior decor, design
Alex Papachristidis displays a book and box
Chair, modern design
 Great use of chairs to display your art!

Library, books on chair, chair as shelf
Todd Nickey & Amy Kehoe
This is functional art!

- Use your chair as shelf....

Hang your chair

Not only useful but makes a great display

Use a chair on top of a chest!
 - Use your chair in a creative functional way. 

To hang your clothes on in a bedroom!

As a towel rack
  - Use your chair as art
Love this!
Sculpture Doris Salcedo

Gold, modern, design, chair, hand
Hand chair by Pedro Friedeberg

Do you have any other great uses for an odd chair?  send them to

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