Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Art in the Kitchen

When I say Art in the Kitchen, I don't mean wine labels or pictures of fruit.  I mean the good stuff, what you would put over your mantle.

I think most kitchens are sterile and devoid of personality, even in a kitchen as stunning as these...

green painted cabinets, rustic ceiling, transitional

white cabinets, wood floor, classic

warm, dark wood, industrial

While utilitarian, it doesn't reflect the lives of the people that move and function in the space.  The kitchen is the most lived in room in the house, where family and friends gather (whether you want them to or not).  That's why I love the idea of art in the kitchen.  It makes the room feel warm, inviting and gives it that extra layer that is needed to become a complete space.

A cool backsplash tile or wallpaper can do great things for a kitchen, but it still needs more....

modern, turquoise, kitchen, design, mosaic, tile

jeffries, AD, modern
Modern with a dash of spice

Here's some great examples of infusing art in the kitchen...

pop, art, kitchen, bright, modern
Large is good if you have a big wall.  Love the pop of color!
industrial, eclectic, open, black and white photo

kitchen, painting, traditional, feminine
Or Small

Love the textured wall of grass cloth which makes the painting pop!

bright, clean, fun, airy, modern
Bright and fresh

paintings, art, marble, open shelves
Mixing in Art with your dishes. Open shelves make a nice display and practical for items you need to access often

modern, industrial, tile wall
Black and white is always a classic

eclectic, art, modern, rustic
Or create your own art with chalk!

eclectic, art, open
One piece of art may be all you need

fresh, clean, traditional, blue walls
Add art that speaks to you or is different from the rest of your decor

A gallery or collage of art really makes your kitchen a "living" room, like these for example....
collage of art, eclectic, masculine, warm

bright fun art, traditional, light

black and white photos, traditional, industrial, masculine kitchen

I challenge you to add some life to your kitchen.  Think outside the box.  If you don't have walls in your kitchen or open shelves, hang art on the cabinets.  ~ Brandy