Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Outdoor Lounging

Hammock, retreat, cozy

Let's just dream a minute....
Lounge, outdoor, sunset, pool

beautiful, amazing, view, lounge, outdoor

view, snow, lake, serene, retreat

ocean, retreat, vacation, luxury


Ok, back to reality.... We don't all have these amazing views (even though we wish we had).  Most of us have to create a view in our backyards or patios.  All you really need to create a retreat is a comfy place to sit.  The more comfy the longer you will sit.  It helps to give yourself a little view like a fountain or plant or a fire.  There's nothing more mesmerizing than a fire.  A bit of seclusion can help too.

Here's some great examples of some simple retreats...
outdoor lounge, gathering
comfy rugs

outdoor lounge, fire pit, bench
fire pit

river retreat, dedon
very secluded

comfy, reuse, low budget, fun, quaint
 So simple and low budget!  They used painted wood pallets for the sofa base.

plants, cactus, garden, design, pink, bright
Plants, plants and more plants!
Color can make you feel happy too and may draw you out to your little haven!

simple, quiet, relaxing
It doesn't take much, a blanket, plant and pillow!
fun, kids, outdoor space, design
a natural retreat
 How fun would this be to have, not just for kids but adults too!

garden, bench, outdoor
 Find a small tucked away area and create a place for relaxation!  

retreat, ocean, relaxing
This is still my dream spot for relaxing!

Happy Lounging! ~Brandy

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