Monday, February 11, 2013

Where is the Love?

It's almost Valentine's Day so I thought I would share some of the stuff that I'm loving right now...

creative Valentines Day gift, Love Houses, Orly Design Love Houses, Twine Room Design, Image
First up are these adorable little clay houses from Orly Design. She has all different colors and words. I purchased these "Love" houses to go on top of a cake I am baking for a friend's engagement party this weekend. 

And speaking of cake toppers....
Wedding Cake Topper, Design, Modern Cake Topper, Love is patient
I LOVE this!! If was getting married again I would totally use this, well, I really just need another wedding, the husband is perfect!

 (side note: how perfect that Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All" just came on while I am typing this post. Now, I am definitely getting lovey dovey, just a little weird that it's over home accessories.)

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Modern Plant, Indoor Plants
It's no secret that fiddle leaf figs are the it tree right now. I just LOVE mine and here's a hint, if you can't afford those beautiful 6-footers you see in all the mags just give yours a little height with something else, like this old trunk I used. 

Deer Head, Stag Head, Roost Stag, Wooden Buck Head, Modern Art
I've loved Henry for a while now but this Valentines he's got a whole new do. This is one of those cool street sweepers Brandy and I found at Canton soooo while it's waiting for it's new purpose it can adorn Henry for the Holiday. 

Instagram pics, Instagram Magnets, FoxGram, Mini Magnets, Pictures
Instagram is one of my favs but now that I discovered FoxGram these little magnets are slowly taking over my fridge.

Mini Tote bag, Twine tote bag, design inspiration,
LOVING our little Twine totes. It's the perfect addition to my inspiration board. 

Suzani, Gallery wall, art collage wall, art, modern collage, suzani
I've been pinning a lot of art gallery collected looks lately and decided to try it in my office. I am really loving how it's all coming together. Still some more work to do though, didn't you notice that awesome white modern art that says 18"x18"? I really need to find something to fill that frame soon!

Modern art, tree ring painting, modern ring art, rustic modern art
These amazing tree ring paintings have been on my fav list for a long time, we're talking years. Someday I'll have a set in my entry but for now, eat your heart out!

Casa Ole green dip, avocado dip, cilantro dip, green sauce,
I LOVE Casa Ole's green dip. In fact, sadly, this is where my sister and I would often request our birthday dinners when we could've gone anywhere. They used to also have this amazing ice cream thing with cinnamon crisps on it that they would give you for your bday? Do they still do that? 

Anyways, I was ecstatic to find this recipe on Pinterest and don't worry, I tested it out already for you and it's just as yummy as my 9th Birthday when I almost choked to death on cheese enchiladas. But the green dip made it all worth it!

chambray shirt, chambray, polka dots, denim shirt, denim polka dots
I LOVE chambray shirts, of course! They go with everything and are so easy to dress up or down. Add some polka dots and I am hooked. Buy this now, it's on sale. I paid full price, blast.

Well, there you have it. A completely random list of some things I am totally LOVING right now. Do you love them too?


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